Witch for Me X La Mutinerie

27 Feb 2019 17:00
→ 28 Feb 2019 02:00
La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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by the collective LUMOS


It was a year ago that Hermione Granger-Weasley, nicknamed "The Queer Witch" by Dennis Creevey-Chang, of the New Daily Prophet, took the direction of the school of witchcraft. In a year, she has already taken radical measures that have changed the face of Hogwarts:

- Nigella Longbottom has been appointed to the position of Professor of Botany, she is the first trans witch to teach Hogwarts since its founding;

- It is now impossible to call the "Fat Lady" by this stigmatizing sobriquet; anyone who tries the experiment ends up vomiting slugs, thanks to an inhibition spell that covers the whole school. Godwyna Thickthighs, whose name is now known to all, created the Gras Politique Hogwarts antenna (which was immediately joined by Hagrid and a dozen students);

- Each house is maintained with a team of non-mixed Quidditch meuftréspédégouines.

- Two controversial works have entered the list of works to be studied for the OWL (which had not been altered since 1622): the critical essay by Parvati Patil, "Racial witches: the JK Rowling problem", and " The emancipation of house elves: for a dariamarxist reading "by the activist group ELF-UP;

- Wizards with reduced mobility are exceptionally allowed to Apparate inside the school grounds;

- Magic Sex Education classes are offered to 6th and 7th year students. These optional courses are led by Firenze, Centaur of the Forbidden Forest;

- The Accio Justice Collective, a non-mixed political organization composed of AMAB wizards (assigned to birth at birth), may have the Room on Demand for its meetings and activities;

- Finally, all the students are now allowed to go to drink butterbeer while listening to VIKKRUM mixer at La Menuiserie, feminist bar and queer of Hogsmeade which opened in July 2012.

Alas, these transformations are not to the liking of Voldemort's former followers. From the Knockturn Alley to the Lestrange lounge, languages are going well ... A reactionary movement, whose sign of recognition is reminiscent of the mark of darkness, is active for the Ministry of Magic to resume the reins and appoint someone else to the direction of Hogwarts. Its more moderate members say they are worried about Hermione Granger-Weasley's "pro-muggle drifts", while the most angry fringe is calling for the immediate appointment of Salazarine Malfoy - Lucius's distant cousin - to lead 'school.

The collective LUMOS (Luttons Uni.es, Moldu.es Or Sorciers.ères) is mobilized so that our "Queer Witch" remains director of Hogwarts. We are organizing an evening of support at La Menuiserie on February 27, 2019. Free admission, ceremonial cape recommended.


6:30 pm: Magic quiz! Test your knowledge of witchcraft. To win: a Nimbus 2000.

9:30 pm: Contest of disguises. Make your homes shine! To win: a snitch.

22h- 1h30: Electronic orchestra led by Eva Perez-Bello aka The Dyke Witch aka EVA From the cellar of Leaky Cauldron in the back room of the Three Broomsticks, Eva has created a style of her own that makes the Dementors flee . Wizard Rock, Dragon Pop, Electro Post-Darklord, Goblin Techno: come and dance the fachos away.

To drink all evening:

Goblet of Fire
Polyjuice Surprise
Felix Felicis


The collective LUMOS

Plume-Post-Scriptum: The members of the Lumos collective warmly thank Barbi (e) turix for allowing us to name our evening "Witch for Me", a name that was obviously inspired by the very famous lesbian evening "Wet for Me ". The organizers of the Wet are invited to the Witch, where they will be offered a pint of butterbeer.