Witches won't burn : Atelier, conférence & Mess Noir Dj·endër

19 Mar 2019 20:30
→ 20 Mar 2019 01:30
Queer Week
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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Witches will not burn: introductory workshop to the creation of sigils

Conference / Workshop ~ 20h30 - 22h30 ~ 12 places on registration

Conference ~ open at all ~ 20h30, before the workshop

When designing her performance WITCHES WILL NOT BURN, Hildegarde (performer & musician.e) studied the figure of the witch in feminism throughout history. Through his prism, iel will share his research and then invite you to a debate around this theme, at a time when one would be tempted to invent the word "witch-washing".

Introduction workshop to the creation of sigils: (FULL)

Hildegarde / Delphi and Lysander offer an introduction workshop to the creation of sigils.
Whether we consider ourselves a witch or not, magic can bring us more control over ourselves and our lives; allow us to correct our structural imbalances on our scale, taking care of ourselves and ours.
Good news: you may not have believed it, but it does not take much to start distilling some sparks of magic in his life. For example, make sigils (you do not know what it is? Come discover it!). During this workshop we will share this method with you. It does not require more than a sheet, a pencil, creativity and a little practice.

Give yourself a little boost of luck, protect yourself from negative influences, or attract more love in your life ... the uses are as varied as the possible forms!
We will briefly introduce you to the different methods of creating sigils of which we are aware, before launching a free practice time during which you can benefit from our advice.

"In the middle ages, it was supposed that Satan was hiding in hairs and hair.
That's why we shaved the witches. "

On registration: clara.apolit@queerweek.com

Dj · endër ~ Black Mess Ostara edition ~ 22h30 - 01h30

Black Mess is a dark mess. Emo to death, goth witchy kitsh. We will gather to the sound of a dubious set, an improbable mix of Mylene Farmer B-faces, witch house of varying quality, unhealthy dark-trap, post-nerd song, post-punk of the 2000s, stuff without name <3

~ Come kill the good taste and poise your depression ~

Dj · endër is the musical alter-ego of Maïc Batmane

Practical info 📌

Duration of the workshop: 02H
Free admission
Accessibility for people in wheelchairs
The toilets are not accessible but those of our neighbors of Bar'ouf yes. For more information, do not hesitate to call 01 42 72 70 59.

This event is a program of the Queer Week 2019: March 15 to 23. Queer Week is a week of reflection around the diversity of genres, bodies and sexualities.