Workshop : Queer Erotic Drawing Studio

4 May 2019 15:30
→ 4 May 2019 18:00
Porn Yourself Festival, Gray Box, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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[We are unable to broadcast and share this event because there is mention of "hum hum", butt and "crac crack". So we modified it with subtle innuendo. Whenever an expression in quotation marks is a little pitiful, it's the censored version;)]

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Workshop in non-mixed without cis guys
Free price

Studio nude drawing / living model where in a fuchsia pop-kitsch glamor flashy colors we become each.e at will both artist and model, the person who looks and the one who is watched.
Makeup, tutu, golden lace in a tagada strawberry atmosphere, we draw with pencils, fingers and tongue body and desires observed, interpreted or imagined.
Inspired by the Bauhaus exercises and corporal practices of post-modern American choreographers (such as Anna Halprin, Trisha Brown and Yvonne Rainer), the drawing becomes a performative act little by little, we end the session in a burlesque techno party choreographed.

To bring: any type of media (notebook, sheet, newspaper ...) and tools (pencil, felt, pastel ...).

Partial or total nudity (but not compulsory) during the workshop.
This workshop will be moderated by Anna from Gray Box.
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On registration at
Workshop in non-mixed without cis guys
Free price


Photo credit: Gray Box


Nude life drawing studio where in a flashy pop-kitsch glamor setting Sequins, tutu, golden lace in a sweet candy atmosphere, we sketch with pencils, Following instructions, inspired by the Bauhaus School's exercises and by American post-modern choreographers (Anna Halprin, Trisha Brown and Yvonne Rainer) improvisation-based working practices, we will also discover the performative and choreographic potential of drawing and finishing the workshop in a burlesque techno party. Welcome.

Please, bring your own supplies (different size / color / paper quality, newspaper, sketchbook ...) and tools (pen, pencil, pastel ...).

Nudity: Some participants may choose to work in their own right, but there is no expectation that you or anyone will.
Commitment: You can sit out of any activity, or participate to a level that's right for you.

The workshop is led by Anna from Gray Box.

Space is limited by only. Email to sign up for more information.
Off limits for cis men.

Photo: Gray Box