Workshop par RER Q

2 May 2019 15:30
→ 2 May 2019 17:30
RER Q, Porn Yourself Festival, La Mutinerie
La Mutinerie
176, rue Saint-Martin - Paris
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[We are unable to broadcast and share this event because there is mention of "hum hum", butt and "crac crack". So we modified it with subtle innuendo. Whenever an expression in quotation marks is a little pitiful, it's the censored version;)]

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Workshop in non-mixed without cis guys
Free price

Camille, Claire, Élodie and Wendy from RER Q offer you a writing-reading workshop to kiss literature together. Read and write the flesh, explode the syntax. "Do dirty things" to grammar. "Give pleasure" to adverbs and write your fantasies, alone or with others. For two hours come share your favorite explicit text or write what tickles your pen or keyboard. Celleux who wish it will be able to read and share their text in the evening at the microphone (no pressure, No obligation to read in front of others!) But we will share the strategies of staging and reading texts "buttocks"). Come and have fun with the language ... All kinds of writing are welcome!