World naked bike Ride / Cyclonudista Paris 2019

8 Sep 2019 14:00
→ 8 Sep 2019 18:00
APNEL, Fédération Française de Naturisme
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This event will consist of a protest movement, festive, family and peaceful cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding or scooter. The World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) is a hike
in which the participants circulate together on means of transport with human propulsion, to "give a vision of a cleaner, safer and more positive world", and with optional clothing in order to express the fragility of the human face to road traffic.
The impulse was given in 2001 by the Coordinadora de Colectivos Ciclonudistas of Aragon (Spain) calling for cyclonudist events in cities around the world during the month of June. These events are now taking place every year in nearly a hundred cities and around 30 countries. At the beginning of the movement, the purpose of the Wnbr was mainly focused on the development of urban traffic and all its harmful effects on human beings (pollution, insecurity of cyclists, etc.). Today, with the ecological emergency worsening, the subject is more global.
The object of the event: Ecological emergency - climate - Animal protection:
Overshoot day 2019 to 29 July
- Raise awareness and mobilize the population about the ecological crisis, the climatic emergency and the risk of a 6th animal extinction; World overtaking day, July 29, 2019 (as opposed to August 1, 2018);
- Support, encourage and accelerate public or private actions, aiming at this national and international mobilization against the effects of global warming (end of carbon energies, preference for means of soft and non-polluting mobility;
planning of urban space to facilitate development and secure practice);
- To defend the animal right;
- To defend our humanity: to make live the freedom to be naked as an expression of human frailty, of the need to reconnect with nature and with its own nature and without
shame of the body. To make nudity live as a symbol of the abandonment of superfluity, pacifism, republican values of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and Secularism.
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