Youth4Equality at Belgian Pride 2019

18 May 2019 14:00
→ 18 May 2019 18:00
Wel Jong Niet Hetero, CHEFF asbl, IGLYO, Alter Visio, Youth 4 Equality
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Saturday the 18th of May, we will march together in the streets of our capital city to celebrate PRIDE 2019 and to stand up for our common message “#BEYOUROWNROLEMODEL”. Today, even though there are more and more well-known role models, being out is still difficult for a lot of young people in Belgium, in Europe and globally. With this campaign, we encourage young people to inspire each other with their stories and to become active role models for themselves and others. Don’t be what people expect you to be, because there isn’t just one way to be LGBTQI+. Just be yourself!

★ Eng ★
JOIN US: We will meet at 2:00pm at the truck (Ravensteinstraat). Stickers and other cool gadgets will be distributed on site.

VOLUNTEERS: We need volunteers to ensure safety around the vehicle during the pride. Registration is possible using this link:

SUPPORT US: We are still looking for funding to get our truck ready to go. Help us through or fund us directly on BE27 7310 3666 6173

★ NL ★
REGISTRATIE: We verzamelen vanaf 14u00 aan de wagen (in de Ravensteinstraat). Stickers en gadgets worden ter plaatste uitgedeeld.

VRIJWILLIGERS: We hebben heel wat vrijwilligers nodig om de veiligheid rond de wagen te verzekeren tijdens de Pride. Je aanmelden kan via

STEUN ONS: We zijn nog op zoek naar extra centjes om onze truck volledig klaar te maken voor de parade. Help ons via of schrijf direct over op BE27 7310 3666 6173

★ FR ★
INSCRIPTION: Nous nous rassemblerons à 14h00 autour du char Y4E. Le char démarrera au Ravensteinstraat. Des stickers, des bracelets et d'autres gadgets seront distribués sur le site.

Nous aurons besoin de beaucoup de volontaires afin de nous aider à décorer le char et à assurer la sécurité autour du véhicule durant les festivités. Pour s'enregistrer, il suffit de cliquer sur le lien suivant :


Share your story with #BEYOUROWNROLEMODEL !

Youth 4 Equality represents Wel Jong Niet Hetero (Flanders & Brussels), CHEFF asbl (Wallonia & Brussels), Alter Visio (Brussels) and IGLYO (International) together with more than 20 local LGBTQI+ youth groups from every corner in Belgium!