ciné-marges-club#33 Première Marche

26 Oct 2020 20:15
→ 26 Oct 2020 23:00
Cinéma UTOPIA Bordeaux
5 place Camille Jullian - Bordeaux
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🎬 Projection-debate

a film by Hakim Atoui and Baptiste Etchegaray (FR, 2019, 1H04)

📢 in the presence of Erykah G. Werner, coordinator of Fierté Bordeaux Pride, and Youssef Belghmaidi, co-organizer of the Pride des banlieues <

For 6 months, the camera accompanies Youssef, Yanis, Annabelle and Luca, four students determined to organize the first Pride March in Saint Denis. Behind the slogan " et", they intend to register the struggle in a territory where being lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex or queer, is often another discrimination, which comes s 'add to racism, precariousness and prejudice. Without tank but not without make-up. More diverse, more militant, more radical, their manifestation would be, in a word, “intersectional”.
Work meetings in the apartment, towing, poster collages, media interviews ... the directors seize on the spot and with conviction, the impulses of a new queer generation.
This adventure resonates with the growing visibility, at the global level, of protests which today shake a hackneyed hetero-patriarchal, racist and colonial system. Inclusion is a real challenge in society but also in our communities, and clearly asks the question: what place for marginalized people in the struggle for justice and equity?
In 2020, the Pride Bordelaise could not take place, so this unique projection will be the opportunity to discuss the evolution of these gatherings, in the suburbs and in the provinces, the possible convergences at a time when finally "Minorities among the minorities take the place ”! 🦄