Authentic Eros One Year Training 2017/2018

13 Dec 2017 10:00
→ 13 Dec 2017 13:00
Authentic Eros - explorations for men
Easton Mountain
391 Herrington Hill Rd - Greenwich
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Align your life, sexuality and relationships with your highest values and deepest desires. Connect to what’s essential. Dare to be fully present, truthful and alive in every moment.

Dare to love!

With this one-year training you have the opportunity to commit to a powerful transformation process within a safe and supportive environment. “Activate Your Deeper Life” assists you in creating the life you want, while adapting and responding to the accelerating change that is taking place in virtually every aspect of our culture.

- What resources can assist you in navigating through current and coming changes?
- Which are the best traditional and contemporary tools to support fearless opening and wholesome integration of body & soul, heart & mind and sex & spirit?
- What is yet to be discovered, embodied and empowered - in your life?
- Who will you be when you live your deepest truth?
- Who are you as a fully activated human being?

Explore Personal, Relational and Universal Eros!

As gay men, we may have experienced a kind of exile from the rest of culture. It is not surprising that our need for connection can get confused with our sexuality. In our culture Eros and sexuality have become synonymous terms. While Eros can be expressed through sexuality, it goes far beyond sex. When our receptivity to life's breadth and depth increases, we discover that life is propelled by Eros and made of love.

Empower Queer Leadership

Embracing ALL of who and what you are, this training also serves to empower queer community and leadership. In the past we have asked the mainstream for acceptance. Now it is time to fully claim our seat at the table and let the unique gifts and perspectives of queer tribe contribute to the culture at large. If you are looking for a male community in which to take your personal & relational, sexual & spiritual life to the next level, then this is the training for you.


The training is organized into 5 Modules:

Module 1 >> ACTIVATE EROS > arrive <
Module 3 >> ACTIVATE COMMUNITY > share <
Module 4 >> ACTIVATE HUMAN POTENTIAL >> expand <
Module 5 >> ACTIVATE LOVE > surrender <

You can find more info about the training and each module here:

You are welcome to contact us for a Skype session to speak about the training and your expectations.


Feedback from previous participants:

Module after module, I discovered more about my thoughts, my feelings and my body. The bodywork was a key aspect towards a deeper understanding of my sexuality, and of myself. Looking back, I feel part of a family that supports and questions, always with a loving intention for personal growth. The training is life-energizing and life-changing! My thought to whoever reads this: “When the AE train crosses your path, just jump on and enjoy the marvellous and rewarding ride!” - Dirk // Brussels

You facilitated a process that allowed me to see and enter parts of my heart until now not accessible for me. A new entry to the pain hiding there hand in hand with an enlarged capacity to love. What a magic pressure cooker you have thought up and dare to create! - Daan // Amsterdam

The course gave me the possibility to be vulnerable, take risks and have fun in a way that has not been available in everyday life. It was very challenging, very freeing and huge fun. I have been deeply touched and inspired by the way Kai and Volker have made themselves available, their skill and presence, and the way they model a truly supportive, collaborative relationship of trust and respect for each other. - David // London

I learned so much from each of the people in the group. People that I was least inclined to have told you I "liked" or thought I could learn anything from during the first day or week invariably taught me some of the most amazing things I learned during the process. I grew to love and respect every single person in our group – hearing about their challenges, life experiences, fears, joys and passions made the whole experience so much richer than it would have been otherwise. I'm pretty sure I would have lived the rest of my life without really learning it. I thought I was open and non-judgmental. It makes me laugh to think about that now as I write this. - David // New York City

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