The Core Erotic Theme

16 Jun 2018 10:00
→ 17 Jun 2018 17:30
Authentic Eros - explorations for men
Moving Body Resources
112 W 27th St Ste 400 - New York
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The Core Erotic Theme
Uncover the Scripts Behind Your Sex Life
with Kai Ehrhardt

The Core Erotic Theme is a concept developed by sexologist Jack Morin. According to his findings, core erotic themes influence our sexual/intimate life. They are intelligent, subconscious responses to the emotional climate we encountered in our formative years. Once the response is repeated over and over in conjunction with arousal, it can become difficult to see, feel and explore beyond its scope.

This workshop is an opportunity to identify one or more of your Core Erotic Themes. They provide a reference point from where we will begin to work with them so you can understand and experience your sexuality more deeply and have more actual choice around what drives it. The weekend's central focus of the „Core Erotic Theme" will be supplemented with various activities that build group safety, connection and trust. This includes embodiment, partnering and group exercises, in which nudity is an option. The Core Erotic Theme work consists of theory, inquiry, individualized intimacy rituals and sharing.

The weekend is primarily a process for yourself and your discoveries. Your insights can be handled in such a way that you can disclose as little or as much as you are comfortable with.


Kai Ehrhardt//
Inspired by the teachings of the Body Electric School in the late 90’s, by the depth of experience enabled through Somatics and by various schools concerned with therapeutic, conscious and connecting touch, Kai loves to explore the powerful ramifications a more conscious body can have on Self & health, relationships & communication, sexuality & Eros.

Kai began using the term "Authentic Eros” in 2002 in order to describe an integrative approach for experiential & relational learning. Having started with the facilitation of men’s groups, the work expanded in 2010 to a broader context inviting people from all gender expressions and sexual orientations to partake.

​Kai is a Middendorf Breath Therapist, a Continuum Movement Teacher, bodyworker and group facilitator. He holds the German Heilpraktiker license for psychotherapy, co-founded the Somatic Academy Berlin, initiated the Stretch Festival, the Body IQ Festival and the Village Berlin Community Center. At the Somatic Academy he is currently involved in the creation and facilitation of a Somatic Practitioner Training and a Continuum Movement Training program.

He holds individual sessions since 1996 and lives in Berlin and New York City.


Earlybird: 295.00 USD
Concession: 250.00 USD
Basic: 350.00 USD