Legendary Founder Charly Gaultier-Brown presents: THE GALAXY BALL VOL. 3

Legendary Founder Charly Gaultier-Brown presents: THE GALAXY BALL VOL. 3
vendredi 17 mai 17:00
→ 23:45
Paris, France
14 Rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris - Paris

▌│█║▌║▌║ Legendary Founder Charly Gaultier-Brown presents: THE GALAXY BALL Vol. 3 ║▌║▌║█│▌

Commentators of the night: TBA

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- - - THE CATEGORIES - - - /

DJ Pump That Beat
The Power of Three is back in the Galaxy and it’s with a beat including Charmed’s theme song that y’all will be in charge of the Ball opening. DJs, Y’all got 1´ to prove that your beat will set us free !


Beginners Runway (less than 18 months)
Bring it with your own version of Tin Man from the Wizard Of Oz
2 trophies: European | American

FF Runway
Those who’ve ventured into the galaxy usually say it’s cold and dark until they see the luminous moon. The moon is so bright, everything that was shrouded in darkness is now shimmering.

With a mandatory reveal during your 10s, show us how you go from the darkness to the light. You are the Moon of the Galaxy!
4 trophies: BQD, FQ, Women, Overall

Tag Team Runway
Bring it inspired by 89P13 (Rocket Raccon) in an effect representing an animal/human hybrid. Create your outfits with the animals of your choice and don’t forget… the Galaxy still needs its Guardians.
4 trophies: Tag Team BQ European | Tag Team All American

Legendary Runway
In a dystopian future where the poor have lost all rights and resources, the rich are allowed to run wild with nothing but time, money and power. You have been chosen to bring home the precious vibranium to finally end this oppression. Legends, to enter the battlefield, you must bring to the runway a warrior outfit with one or many planets incorporated in your effect.

You are the Monster of the Galaxy: Be creative, different and scary!


Tag Team Body
In a near future, your body will be seen as the centerpiece of the movie Avatar 3. You and your partner are coming back from the future just to serve us a taste of what’s coming in the upcoming epic science fiction film.
4 trophies: Tag Team Male Figure | Tag Team Female Figure

Tag Team FF Sex Siren
There’s a private party in the Galaxy tonight: All the sexy ladies must come 2 by 2 wearing a mandatory disc sequin dress.

MF Catboy/Sex Siren
We are looking for mens with sex appeal to entertain the private party in the Galaxy tonight.
All the fellas must bring it with sequin suspenders to stand a chance.
Be creative and sexy to make sure you pass this test.


Female Figure Realness
Ladies, you are the astronauts of the Galaxy tonight inspired by Eileen Collins, the first woman to fly a space shuttle during the STS-63 mission in 1995.
5 trophies: Drag | Jr FQ | FQ | Legendary | Overall

Male Figure Realness
Bring it in a purple look inspired by the egocentric and evil High Evolutionary in the film Guardians of the Galaxy 3.
6 trophies: BQ | Butch | Jr Transman | Transman | Legendary | Overall


Female Figure Face
The Galaxy considers you the perfect prototype because of your flawless face. Inspired by Thierry Mugler Fall 1995 Couture Collection, bring it with your UNIQUE version of a robot that will challenge the limits of beauty. Be creative!
6 trophies: New* | Women’s | FQ | Drag | Legendary | Overall

Male Figure Face
People were hoping that marriage stands still in the future and yes it does: Inspired by Alton Mason, who honored fashion designer Karl Lagarfeld on the last Met Gala carpet, bring it as the Chanel Bride.
4 trophies: New* | BQ | Legendary | Overall

*New: First major ball walked after the COVID-19 pandemic


Best Dressed
The Covid-19 Pandemic never reached the Galaxy because everybody is constantly wearing different type of fashionable masks. In a spring look, show us the true definition of this category wearing your favorite mask.
4 trophies: MF | FF | GNC | Legendary

(Legends are allowed to walk every categories)

You all dreamed of a Zodiac Scene where it would be IMPOSSIBLE TO HOP. Which sign will win the Zodiac War and become the 2nd winner of the Zodiac Scene?

Fire, water, earth & air are the most important elements in creating a perfect balance in the Galaxy. Enter the Galaxy with your team members and bring ONE of these four elements to life in a matching look with mandatory fringes.

Each team of the same zodiac sign will be composed by 1 captain and 3 other members: 2 max in the same Ballroom house and at least 2 different countries per team. MIX THE FLAVORS AND CREATE THE MOST UNEXPECTED TEAM.

Captain Libra ♎️ Riley Revlon
Captain Sagittarius ♐️ Bambi Owens
Captain Virgo ♍️ Aitana Miyake-Mugler
Captain Gemini ♊️ Black Revlon
Captain Capricorn ♑️ Sereyah Balenciaga
Captain Aquarius ♒️ Kassy Gorgeous Gucci
Captain Aries ♈️ Raeesha Ninja
Captain Pisces ♓️ Pablo Gaultier-Brown
Captain Taurus ♉️ Alizé Tinkerbell
Captain Scorpio ♏️ Jordy Elle
Captain Cancer ♋️ Playboy 007
Captain Leo ♌️ Chico West

FF Performance in heels (no Mother)
You are The Goddess of the Galaxy, known to have turned the colors chrome/metallic silver and lavender/lilac purple into a feeling, a lifestyle, a mood. Bring it in your favourite silver or purple effect ready to turn this Galaxy upside down.

Twister (RWT) vs Sister (BQVF) (no parent)
When the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, it casts a shadow that either fully or partially blocks the Sun. Twisters, you are the sun ☀️ (in a yellow or gold sister look) and Sisters, you are the moon 🌙 (in a grey or silver twister look) to create the perfect solar eclipse.

Note: All twisters must get their 10s for Realness in the dedicated category.

Beginners Performance (less than a year)
Your outfit must scream 👽 A L I E N S U P E R S T A R 👽

Old Way with a prop (no parent)
Tonight the original way of voguing will be represented by your favorite character from Star Wars. Do not forget your mandatory lightsaber!

New Way (no parent)
Willi Ninja stated that he wanted to take Vogue to the real Paris and make the real Paris burn. Tonight, honor Willi’s name with a look inspired by either Gamora or Nebula (Guardians of the Galaxy), ready to Vogue down.

Mother vs Father Performance
Enough of battling the kids! This time around, it’s a category dedicated to all the ballroom parents who walk performance. Inspired by an unrealistic Darth Vader vs Kylo Ren battle, bring the Forces of Darkness in all black with mandatory fringe, ready to battle and represent your last name! Mothers, let’s show the Fathers how things should be done. Fathers, let’s see if you can eat a Mother up.

Hands Performance
You are clearly the one to beat and people on Earth have tried to murder you several times. Brought to the Galaxy to escape this madness, bring it in a concealed face. We need to recognize your talent and your hands, not your face. The best hands performer will be able to go back on Earth to live a peaceful life while the others will be forever locked in the Galaxy.

Lip Sync Performance
In 2017, Rihanna played a role in Valerian where a team of two space-time agents went on a mission in the extraordinary intergalactic city of Alpha.

ANTI being Rihanna’s last album, I want you to pick a song from this album to get your 10s and bring it inspired by one of Riri’s most iconic looks.

For the battles, you must watch and learn:
• Umbrella (from 0:28)
• Only Girl
• S&M
• We found Love
• Diamonds

Date: May 17th, 2024
Place: TBA