[UITGESTELD] Cafedelove The Golden Revival 31/5 (next day = public holiday!)

lundi 31 mai 23:00
→ mardi 1 juin 06:00
Cdl Antwerp
Cdl Antwerp
Lange Schipperskapelstraat 11 - Anvers
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Happy we can announce our next Golden Revival Edition of Cafedelove! After seeing so much smiling faces at our last editon we hope to welcome you again at Sunday May31th for a night to remember!

The next day is a bank holiday so no need to stay away as you'll be free from work or school :-)

Cafedelove has always been and will remain the most fabulous dance party for gay women in Antwerp and beyond. Rejoin us for a fresh taste of our party recipe and stick around. We love to party with you!

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