1 year Psst Mademoiselle

vendredi 8 mars 21:30
→ samedi 9 mars 05:00
Poxcat, Psst Mlle, Beursschouwburg, Mwanamke Collectif Afroféministe Belge, Les Sous-Entendues, Collecti.e.f 8 maars, KhadyaK, Rainbowhouse Brussels, L-Festival / Lesborama, Girls go BOOM, 2F4F
August Ortsstraat 20 -28 - Bruxelles
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To celebrate International Women's Rights Day and their first anniversary, Psst Mlle invites 8 other Belgian female collectives to throw a multidisciplinary event.

Poxcat, Zij!, Les Sous-Entendues, Laisse Les Filles Tranquilles, 2F4F, Girls go BOOM, Collectif 8 Mars pour Tou.te.s's Vrouwenstaking - Toutes en grève - Women's strike and RainbowHouse Brussels's Lesborama festival join hands for an unforgettable night with live concerts, dance performances, projections, B2B DJ sets and a special scenography.
The night's theme is MIRROR, be creative.


Live performances
• Martha Da'ro (live concert)
• Dance performance by Nick Coutsier

DJ sets
• Kim Peers (Zij!) x DJ HYPPOCAMPO (Poxcat)
• DJ Amigo III (Poxcat) x Wutangu (Bledarte / Leaving Dakota)
• ++ Nurse ++ (Poxcat) x Mika Oki (Psst Mademoiselle Live Sessions)


Special sceno by 2F4F
Projection by Girls go BOOM
Art works by Roxanne Maillet
Special outfits by Fanny Bergerot
Merch by Laisse Les Filles Tranquilles, Girls Go Boom, Les Sous-Entendues available
And more surprises!

How can the cultural sector better mirror society's diversity?
From 2pm to 4pm on The Word Radio moderated by Emi Vergs with
Eline Van Audenaerde from shesaid.so Belgium
Yvoire de Rosen from Mwanamke Collectif Afroféministe Belge
Oumayma Hammadi from RainbowHouse Brussels


find out more
EN https://beursschouwburg.be/en/events/1-year-psst-mademoiselle/
NL https://beursschouwburg.be/nl/events/1-year-psst-mademoiselle/
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