Belgian Sneakers Days

jeudi 6 février 17:00
→ dimanche 9 février 21:00
Mr Sneakers Belgium, BEsneax
Région de Bruxelles-Capitale
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Welcome to the first edition of the Belgian Sneakers Days. Through this event, #BEsneax wishes to unite, bring together, promote and defend a community which is too often poorly known and poorly regarded. Being part of this family is more than wearing sneakers or sports gear, it’s a whole philosophy. It's time to break down some prejudices. Join us and you will be surprised !

◼︎ Thursday 6 February 2020
∙ 19:00-21:00 - Opening of the exhibition Sneakers in Art

◼︎ Friday 7 February 2020
∙ 13:00-21:00 - Exhibition Sneakers in Art
∙ 16:00 - Group visit "Keith Haring" at Bozar
∙ 19:00 : Networking Meeting for Sneakers & friends at Le Belgica
∙ 22:00 : La Démence « Marry Me » with special rate for #BEsneax membercard holders

◼︎ Saturday 8 February 2020
∙ 13:00-17:00 : Exhibition Sneakers in Art
∙ 16:00 : Election of Mr Sneakers Belgium 2020 at Stammbar
∙ 22:00 : Main Party - Revelation "Sports Special Edition" with special rate for #BEsneax membercard holders

◼︎ Sunday 9 February 2020
∙ 13:00-17:00 : Exhibition Sneakers in Art (closing day)

Other activities may be added.

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In collaboration with Brussels Fetish United, Darklands and Alphatribe, BOXER Barcelona, LA DEMENCE and Revelation, Le Belgica and Stammbar, Sauna Zenhit and Sauna Macho, Kiffeur Corporation, Sk8erboy and SNEAX'N' , Ladz Amsterdam, The Boots, Adonis Gay Club, ADDIKT 100% pure fetish and with the friendly support of Sensoa, ASBL EX AEQUO, Players Party, Amsterdam Sportswear Weekend, ARThursday and RainbowHouse Brussels.