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samedi 28 octobre 11:00
→ 17:00
Leidingstraat 30 - Eindhoven
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Dick Bakker * Theo Brandwijk * Debora Dax * Roel Geboers * Jonathan Ho * Danielle Hooijmans * Ivo Hulskamp * Jorrit Kiel * Olle Lundin * Marica De Michele * Erwin Olaf * Antonio da Silva * Danny Stirn * Hanneke Wetzer * Lena Winterink

Open daily 11:00 - 17:00

When there is no opprobrium, when there is no humiliation heaped upon homosexuals from outside, they will cease to have to confirm or deny. Unfortunately, toleration has come in a form that is slightly insulting. That is to say, one imagined the message, when it came, would read:

Forgive us, for having for so long, allowed our prejudices to blind
us to your true worth and cross unworthy threshold with your
broad-minded feet.

Instead the message now reads:

Oh come in, the place is a mess, you’ll love it.


Enlightenment does not produce tolerance.

Tolerance is the result of boredom.
The fact has to be repeated over and over, and in the end people

Oh alright, so you’re queer, just talk about something else.
And then the work is done.

This, of course, is the work of time, not of people, and not of legislation. Legislation makes almost no difference. Legislation is the
result of public opinion.

Excerpt from “Bernard Braden interviews Quentin Crisp” (1968)
Owned by the British Film Institute National Archive available at

Opening message from the organisators of DayDayGay :
Bas Berends and Brendan Vos

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