Fado Bicha (concert) - Pink Screens 2018

vendredi 9 novembre 22:30
→ 23:30
Auguste Ortsstraat 20-28 - Bruxelles
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Twisting traditions - sounds so good!


Fado Bicha is pure musical activism. For a long time, bicha was a Portuguese term of abuse for feminine gays. Today, this community is claiming the word back: in a positive, reinforcing way, bicha embraces the overall concept of ‘queer’.

Fado is the ultimate, traditional Portuguese music. Down through time, fado has grown to become a highly conservative musical genre, nourished by a traditionalist community. Tonight, we are together reclaiming fado! We are transforming it into an instrument for telling our stories and making them visible – the stories that have never been sung in our national music.'

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