Father Charly Ebony presents: The Olympics BALL

samedi 6 juillet 14:00
→ 23:55
Palais de l'Epi d'Or
3 avenue de l'Epi d'Or - Villejuif
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Legendary Father Charly Ebony is inviting you to Paris, France for The Olympics Weekend on July 6th & 7th, 2019.

⏬ Sat 06.07 ⏬ VOGUING BALL



Passionate of sports and ballroom,
The 3rd International Legend decided to combine both of his passions by bundling Winter & Summer Olympic Games as one giant Olympics with a ballroom twist.

Known for his major balls in Paris
(4 years in a row ‘’Ball Of The Year’’)
he has been asked to promote a Ball in Paris during summer for the out of towners to enjoy The sweet weather of da City of Lights.
There you go !

Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Doors open at 2 PM
LSS begins no later than 3 PM
1st Category called at 4 PM

Le Palais de l’Epi d’or
3 avenue de l’épi d’or

Commentator Of The Night 🎤 :
DJ Of The Night 🎧 : The Icon Vjuan Allure (Elite Beatz)

Recorded by 🎥 : TBA

GRANDPRIZE #1 - 2500€ sponsored by Legendary Father Charly Ebony


Executive Realness
The Olympics Flag Bearer. Bring it in an Olympic uniform representing a country of your choice complete with its corresponding flag.

BQ European Runway
The Olympic Torch. You’re the first and last part of the Olympic Opening Ceremony - carrying a torch with a faux burning flame, set the runway ablaze with your creative interpretation of this iconic Olympic symbol.

Mini GRANDPRIZE #1 - 500€ sponsored by Diamond Ebony
BQ Models Face Magazine
The Fencer. You have been chosen to grace the cover of the Olympic Games magazine. Bring it in a creative version of the fencing uniform with a framed photo, magazine cover or poster of yourself wearing the same uniform. Be ready to take the third Olympic gold medal of the night.

Best Dressed Spectator (only if you arent walking the ball)
The look is on you, just make sure it’s representing Paris, France: in blue, white & red

Schoolboy vs Schoolgirl Realness
The Newest Golfer in Town. You are the latest young golfing prodigy. Fresh from University, you have just qualified for your first Olympics. Bring it effected and ready for your first round.

Shake That Ass (2 trophies)
Come celebrate Jamaica's first Olympic medal and shake, shake, shake that ass.

Team Women’s Performance as A House (3 to 6)
Ladies, bring it with your crew representing synchronized swimming with a mandatory production to introduce your team.

Virgin Runway (never walked)
Bring it in a creative look representing the five Olympic Rings.

All American Runway
You are the epitome of Equestrian fashion. Remember, horse riding equipment is mandatory.

Beginners Vogue (less than one year)
Bring it as a cunty Cheerleader ready to give the girls a show during the halftime of the Basketball finals.

Thug Realness
You are one of the USA players taking part in the Olympic Basketball Final.

Prettyboy Realness
You are an Olympic Ice Hockey team member. Bring it ready to represent the country of your choice for the first match of the day.

The Japanese are the royalty of high fashion streetwear. Showcasing this impeccable style, bring it in a look using high fashion labels of your choice.

Damarchus was a victorious Olympic boxer from Arcadia who is said to have changed his shape into that of a wolf at the festival of Lycaea, only to become a man again after ten years. Tonight, represent your own version of this story and present a new mythological/fantasy beast.

Big boys vs Big girls Performance
It’s the last training session before your shotput final... Bring it head to toe in an athletic look that represents your sponsor (Nike, Adidas, Puma, ASICS....)

GRANDPRIZE #2 - 1000€ sponsored by Kendrick Miyake-Mugler
Tag Team Legendary Performance with an understudy
After years of wins and countless medals, you’ve decided to step back to train the newer generation to carry on your legacy. Clearly your talent knows no bounds and your understudy has qualified for their first Olympics. Bring it as a sports coach with your athlete & show us that you still got it !

Old Way
Essential members of the Games, bring it tonight as the referee of your favourite sport and don’t forget your whistle.

Hands Performance/Arms Control
You are getting ready to see the Winter Olympics and it’s cold outside, come prepared in a matching beanie and gloves.

It’s time for you to open the second half of the games. To get your 10s, bring it with a production of your favourite song by Whitney Houston or Céline Dion who both performed during The Olympics in 1992 and 1996.

For the battles, you HAVE to know these 5 songs by memory:
Whitney Houston – I will Always Love You
Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing
Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Céline Dion – My Heart Will Go On
Céline Dion – All by Myself

FF Face (3 trophies: Drag, FQ, Women)
It’s D-DAY, The Olympic Boxing Final. Bring it in the according outfit and force your opponents to ‘tap out’ with your mind-blowing beauty.

Tag Team FF Body
Bring it in your version of what would be the perfect duo of WWE Olympic Gold champion (wrestlers)

Male Figure Model’s Body
Fresh from the Olympic swimming pool after your first round, bring it wet and glistening in swimwear to sell your body.

Male Figure Muscular Body
The Weightlifter. You’ve pumped weights all year, drank those protein shakes and meal-prepped all year round. The time has come for you to show off the muscular body.

Realness With a Twist
Part 1: Grab your 10s in your respective category (First half)
Part 2: Bring it like a Motocross Boy and become the first Olympic Champion ever in this sport.

New way
« New way is a VOGUE category, not a gymnastics competition!!! » in my own words. Will you be able to show me the difference tonight in your gymnastics clothing?

GRANDPRIZE #3 - 1000€ sponsored by Legendary Father Charly Ebony
BQ Vogue Fem (no production)
Few months ago, Legendary Kassandra E. passed away. In honor of the one who paved the way for many vogue fems all around the world, bring it with your own style for the Ice skating final In a sickening and creative effect!!! The gold medalist of this category will become the first 1000€ BQ Vogue Fem in Europe. Get ready !!

Tag Team FF Performance
Super sisters, Serena & Venus Williams have won many times at the Olympics. Tonight it’s your chance to win with your sister in an effect worthy of a tennis superstar!

Mini GRANDPRIZE #2 - 300€ sponsored by Legendary Father Charly Ebony
FF Runway
Your favourite country flag must be included in your outfit while serving a sickening walk. Heels aren’t an option for this category.

Mini GRANDPRIZE #3 - 200€ sponsored by Overseer Uncle Mike Ebony
Drag Realness
1st half: Come out as the guy you portray everyday (y’all will be called out right before the first category of the evening)

2nd half: Come back as a lady for the 28th category of the night in your own version of what would be the perfect model representing Judo in a fashion magazine.

FQ/Cister Realness (2 trophies)
Bring it in your own version of what would be the perfect model representing Judo in a fashion magazine.
*Cister Realness is for the unclockable gay womens

Butch/Transman Realness (2 trophies)
Baseball is your sport and your passion. Bring it ready for your first match of the day.

Tag Team FF Sex Siren
Bring it and sell it with your partner in a Beach Volley effect.

Male Figure Sexsiren
Coming back from the Olympics, it’s time to get sexy ready for the sports photoshoot to end all sports photoshoots. Mens of Rugby, bring it inspired by the famous calendar Dieux Du Stade with 1 piece only... Pick it wisely !!

GRANDPRIZE #4 - 1000€ sponsored by Legendary Father Charly Ebony
Performance as a house (4 to 6)
Bring it with an Olympic uniform representing the country and sport of your choice to close the Olympics.
A women must be included in each team.
Production Mandatory to get your 10s.
All Battles will be done rumble style.

Entrance: 20€ before 3pm at the door
(cash only) then 25€ all night.