Homosurrealism PARIS 2019

vendredi 22 février 19:00
→ samedi 23 février 05:00
Les Souffleurs
7 Rue de la Verrerie - Paris
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In a well-known Parisian club we will show works of homosurreal artists from different parts of the world. This one evening, on Friday 22nd February, will transform for a moment into a kind of temple of thinking about art, which will open delicate faces for the audience and viewers. Only one evening our artists' works will be hung in Paris, but these will be exquisite conversations of paintings and specific documents of masterpieces.
The noble group of homosurrealism and admirers of this new direction of art wants to show the face of interpersonal tolerance, to open horizons for similar mystical visions. These alchemical impressions create strong walls in defence of the rights of gays and lesbians. One thing is certain, we will continue to create the ground for the claim: art frees and HOMOSURREALISM is freedom.