International Gay Retreat 2019 in Belgium

samedi 5 octobre 15:00
→ vendredi 11 octobre 10:00
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Annual International Gay Retreat
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Retreat for gay and bisexual men with international facilitator Hunter Flournoy from Spirit Journeys (America), in co-creation with Danny Arnoldussen from GaySpiritFriends (The Netherlands).

The website is also available in Dutch:
You can write us in English, Dutch or German if you have any questions.

You can do the same gay things over and over again: go to the same gay bars, spend your time on gay internet dating sites, go on the same gay cruise, do your same rituals over and over again. OR you can meet nice men from all over the world, have a break, have a holiday and at the same time get inspired and grow with like-minded men, laugh and cry, do things you have never done before, or rejoin the retreat and go to a deeper level of self-development.
WE CONNECT WITH HEART AND MIND, through breath, dance, mindfulness, heartfulness, touch, positive psychology, rituals, playfulness and much more.

Also, a retreat offers us the opportunity to get away from the daily hustle of our lives and to distance ourselves from everything we think we know. It offers the possibility to experience ourselves, others and the world in a new powerful way.

We create a space to re-experience the inner child, see our potentials and set new intentions in a powerful way.
With new intentions set, it can become a new reality in our daily lives.

More info about the retreat:
Or go to the Dutch website: