K[no]wHate M(iii)aou Party

samedi 20 avril 21:00
→ dimanche 21 avril 02:00
Rue Marché au Charbon 42 - Bruxelles
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The KnowHate evening is a cosy soirée for the energies of poets, artists and musicians, established and not. It is a place where words and sounds are most important. An evening in which all manner of human beings are welcome to acquire the knowledge and critical understanding of the issues of hate, discrimination and human rights through an engaging artistic approach.

This time we organise it at ‘Rainbow House Brussels’ as a part of M(III)AOU party.

In the social and political current climate of Belgium, bringing people together is essential. We are trying to show how easy it is to sit down with someone who may have opposing views to you and still find so much in common.

The evening begins at 21:00 with the main artistic part: poetry performances (Inke Gieghase, Béné Kusendila, Hind Eljadid). This part invites audience to an individual’s self-reflective process.

The second part of the event is a live DJ set while having a chance to speak directly with the artists.

Inke Gieghase (poetry)
Béné Kusendila (poetry)
Tilke Wouters (poetry)
DJ Set