Kweer Ball - Snow Ball

samedi 16 février 22:00
→ dimanche 17 février 05:00
Labor5, Zürich, Kweer Ball
Labor5, Zürich
Schiffbaustrasse 3 - Zurich
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KWEER BALL is a dance celebration of uniqueness, inspired by queer ball culture. It is safe and playful space for all the colours of the rainbow and letters of the alphabet.

Whether you are a leather daddy, fierce kween, voguing master or something in between, KWEER BALL is the place that celebrates your uniqueness.

So come on in and lose yourself on the dance floor.

Be there, be fabulous, be you!

MC: Tropikahl Pussy

Resident DJ: Achtung B.
Guest DJ: Nina Nana of the Haus of Genevegas

The categories are...

RUNWAY: Ice Kween Eleganza
SEX SIREN: Global Warming Opulence

LIPSYNC BATTLE - winner chosen by the audience!

Our Judges:

Mauve De Mirabelle
Tokyo Revlon aka Moon Child
Evalyn Eatdith
Miss AleXxX Bliss aka Melanie Alexander

What the judges are looking for:

RUNWAY: Judged on participants' ability to catwalk, usually with a requested outfit, theme or color

VOGUE PERFORMANCE: Use the 5 vogue dance elements of hands, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performance, spins & dips. Open to all levels and all vogue categories (new way, old way & femme).

SEX SIREN: Participants will do their best to tease, and titillate the judges. Some do so by stripping all their clothes off, others do it through erotic dancing, and some combine the two in order to attempt to win


Be extra!
We don’t have a particular dress code at Kweerball unless of course you want to walk in a category.

But we do recommend a more is more approach. Release your creativity. Go over the top. If you want to drag up - do. If you want to fuck with gender - fuck away. If you want to wear your leather - add a pearl necklace. This is the place to be loud and proud. This ball’s theme is Snow Ball so themed dress up welcomed.

Bring it to the Snow Ball Kweens!

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