LGBTI inclusion through language: Can the EU do more?

mardi 19 février 12:00
→ 13:30
Queer Stagiaires, European Parliament Intergroup on LGBTI Rights
European Parliament
Brussels - Bruxelles
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LGBTI inclusion through language: Can the EU do more?

Hosted by Marisa Matias MEP & Ernest Urtasun MEP
In cooperation with Queer Stagiaires

European Parliament, PHS 1 C 51
19 February 2019, 12.00-13.30

⚠️📝 Open to all - if you need accreditation to enter the European Parliament in Brussels, please register here before 12 February:

📣📣📣 Recent difficult discussions on the use of the acronym “LGBTIQ” and the term “gender” within European institutions have caught media attention and sparked outrage among defenders of universal human rights and LGBTI rights.

Twice in 2018, the Austrian Presidency decided to adopt Presidency conclusions as opposed to Council Conclusions on human rights topics, as several member states refused to adopt Council Conclusions that would include any reference to LGBTI rights. While this seems to be a new trend within the Council, such attempts to question LGBTI rights are very common in the European Parliament as well.

This challenging situation not only reflects the importance of language, but also the thin line that separates it from politics, ultimately impacting millions of EU citizens who identify as LGBTI.

The EU institutions have initiated work on inclusive language, but there is no official EU political orientation transversal to them, nor guidelines specifically addressing LGBTI inclusive language.

This event will therefore raise the following question: Is LGBTI communication within the EU inclusive enough, or could the EU do more, and how?

Queer Stagiaires and the LGBTI Intergroup are happy to welcome you to this lunchtime conference on inclusive LGBTI language use in the internal and external communication of the EU institutions, as well as its impact on legislation, policy and the lives of EU citizens.


➡️ Shauna Doherty, English quality controller, Translation Services of the General Secretariat of the Council (GSC)

➡️ Wester Meijdam, Policy officer at Unit Non-discrimination and Roma coordination of DG JUST, European Commission

➡️ Catarina Santos - Founder and board member of queer platform Guerrilla Resistance

Moderated by Ilaria Todde, coordinator of Queer Stagiaires