Queer Space 2020

vendredi 3 avril 19:00
→ samedi 4 avril 00:00
Plek, OUT LOUD, Queer Space, KWIER
Kammerstraat 10 - Gand
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KWIER is proud to present you: Queer Space.
Queer Space entails a whole month of queer events, for and by queers.

3/4 Opening Night
5/4 Sober Sunday
6/4 Movie Monday
7/4 Debate Tuesday x Community Building
10/4 Funky Friday x Queeraoke
11/ Savvy Saturday x ABC
12/4 Sober Sunday
13/4 Movie Monday
14/4 Debate Tuesday x Cancel Culture
17/4 Funky Friday x Out Loud
18/4 Savvy Saturday x De Queerste Mens ter Wereld
19/4 Sober Sunday
20/4 Movie Monday
21/4 Debate Tuesday x Communication
24/4 Funky Friday x Slam-T
26/4 Sober Sunday x Give-Away Shop
27/4 Movie Monday
28/4 Debate Tuesday x Community Care
30/4 Closing Night

Queer Space aims to be a Safe(r) Space for everyone, which means we will not allow any racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, homophobia or any other problematic behaviour.

//Plek is not wheelchair accessible. We are currently looking how to make as many events accessible as possible. More info on accessibility on every separate event.//