samedi 23 février 15:00
Le Carreau du Temple
4 rue Eugène Spuller - Accueil Billetterie 2 rue Perrée - Paris
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"The essence of beauty"

In ancient Egypt, the perfume has a rich history of myths and legends. Seduction, purification, or even fetishism accompany the use of perfume since these immemorial times. But the perfume is also the smell of history and the great scents of knowledge let us carry with the intoxicating smell of this mythical African queen who is none other than Cleopatra herself this queen who held the world and whose fragrance still floats in the air today.
Her Beauty is unmatched till today .

Best dressed spectator's about to start in any minute and you are coming to attend the Ball with a grand head piece transport us in ancient Egypt with your complete look.

You must enter the ball with your outfit and can only walk this category once and for all for the entire ball.


. Butch Queen Face

we all know that the beauty of the pharaohs came from the gods themselves.
come as a pharaoh.
Mandatory Egyptian Crown to your complete look

- Drags Face

you are the priests of the goddess Isis come dressed in a white gown with a bouquet of white flowers

- Fem Queen Face

we know that this African queen was of a very rare beauty.
come and represent Nefertiti in red
Mandatory egyptian crown to complete your look.

- Woman Face

Bring Cleopatra in a futuristic Look
Mandatory scepter to complete your outfit

. Realness

-Pretty Boy Realness
Come dressed as a rich young Egyptian man

come as a scribe with your papyrus leaf

-Thug Realness
Come as a soldier from the ancient Egypt
Mandatory weapon to complete your look

- Butch and transman

you are the master who punished the slaves. The whip is obligatory

- Drags and Fem Queen Realness

you are a woman of the aristocracy of ancient Egypt come in black and gold.
Don't forget to be on your A- game

to walk this category you must be a couple
( Choose who you want to be with.
The gender don't matter )

. Baby Vogue

Comme as a Mummy

. Sex Siren Male Figure

You are part of Cleopatra personal guard

Sex Siren Female Figure

Come as Anakrsounamoun from the movie "the Mummy"

. Body male Figure

you are anubis the God of the Dead

Female Figure

You are the Egyptian lion Goddess Sekhmet

. Old Way

Bring it like the guards Jaffa in the series "Stargates "

Bring cleopatra infamous chariot back to life.

. New. Way
In ancient egypt gods played a big place and run the lives of men they were represented as half animal half human bring your god to life and be creative.

- Vogue Fem 3 trophies bq /FQ and DRAG /women

You come in all Gold

- Realness with a twist

Come as king Toutenkhamon

-Commentator vs Commentator

For your 10's you must pay tribute to the pioneers using the words
Mother Lasseindra or Mother steffie

- Runway

All American
Collection Dior 2004

Butch Queen European Runway
Collection Dior 2004

Female Figure Runway
Collection Dior. 2004

Grand Prize. 300 euros

Best Effects 200 euros

Free entrance