The Chamber of Secrets Ball by Mother Angélique Prodigy

vendredi 23 août 22:00
→ samedi 24 août 08:00
Rollbergstr. 26 - Arrondissement de Neukölln
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Mother Angélique Prodigy in collaboration with SchwuZ and PLASTIC - a queer celebration of popculture - proudly presents the Chamber of Secrets Ball in Berlin! Welcome to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Kevin JZ Prodigy (USA)
Typhoon 007 (NL)

Lucy Liu Ninja (RUI HO)
Mr. Manic

Mother Angélique Prodigy (GER)

Legendary Father Charly Ebony (FR)
Legendary Mother Marina Ultra Omni (NL)
Father Benjamin Milan (UK)
Alaia Balenciaga (FR)
European Mother Leo Saint Laurent (GER)
Kennedy Miyake Mugler (FR)
Mother Inxi Prodigy (SWE/FIN)

12 Euro Spectators
8 Euro Participants

Participants: 8.00pm
DOORS OPEN (Admission spectators): 10.00pm
LSS: 11.00pm SHARP!!!

Participants must register for reduced entry:

Also check out the WORKSHOPS:


FACE OTA - Moving Picture Frame (5 trophys: Drag, FQ, Woman, MF, Non-binary)
The Pictures in Hogwarts take things to a different level, with the people inside “magically” moving from their fixed position and back when someone gets close enough. Tonight show your magic moving face in a golden frame to the judges.

BEST DRESSED DRAG - Hermione (1 trophy)
At the Jule Ball Hermione wore her outstanding rose and pink dress. Come in all pink or rose and be the best dressed person of the night! Drag King twist it up in a masculine way of black and one other colour of choice.

BEST DRESSED SPECTATOR - Jule Ball (1 trophy)
Dress up for your Jule Ball! Though you are just a spectator, you have the fiercest effect in the building and bewitch the judges.

BIZARRE OTA - Phantastic Beasts (1 trophy)
The Wizarding World is full of crazy, magic creatures which you have never seen before. Create your own phanatstic beasts tonight which will confuse the whole room.

DESIGNER'S DELIGHT OTA - Viktor Krum (1 trophy)
You were selected by the Goblet of Fire to present your self-made design. Get inspired by the fashion of Viktor Krum and come in an outfit with red elements and fur (no real fur please)!

TAG TEAM BODY OTA - Golden Secret (2 trophys)
Show us your secret tonight and come in all gold! Don't forget the gold glitter on your whole body. You can combine your Team with any genders.

SEX SIREN OTA - Sorting Hat (2 trophys: FF/MF)
The Sorting Hat is a sentient hat at Hogwarts that magically determines which of the four school Houses each new student belongs most to. Tonight give the hat a sexy twist and sell it in a sexy way! You can leave your hat on! ;-)

REALNESS - Characters of Harry Potter (5 trophys: BQ, Transmen, Butch, FQ, Drag)
Get inspired by one of the characters of Harry Potter! (eg. the students from Hogwarts, a professor or a thug dark magician). Be real!

EUROPEAN RUNWAY OTA - Phoenix (1 trophy)
A gentle creature, the phoenix lives to an immense age because it can regenerate each time it bursts into flames. Phoenix song is magical and its tears have healing properties. Bring it tonight as this powerful, magic and impressive bird!

ALL AMERICAN RUNWAY OTA - Death Eaters (1 trophy)
Lord Voldemord's followers were always been feared by everyone. Bring it in an extraordinary outfit in all black!

TAG TEAM VIRGIN RUNWAY OTA - Fleur Delacour (2 trophys)
Fleur delacour came to Hogwarts just for this competition. She is famous for her unique style and is Hogwarts' haute couture. Get inspired by her outfit and bring the spirit of her on the stage.

NEW WAY OTA - Basilisk (1 trophy)
Tonight you gonna be the dark snake! Everybody is fearing your twisted body. It kills those who make direct eye contact with it and petrifies those who look at it indirectly. Make sure you gonna fear the audience with your eyes! Lenses mandatory.

OLDWAY OTA - Quidditch (1 trophy)
It's time to play and get the snatch! Quidditch is the most popular game in Hogwarts! For your tens come with a broom and win the game!

BEGINNERS VOGUE OTA - Schoolboys and Schoolgirls (1 trophy)
You still have a lot to learn, so go to Hogwarts and keep on studying! Bring it in a Hogwarts student outfit and show us in with Hogwarts house you are.

FF PERFORMANCE - Polyjuice Potion (2 trophys: FQ vs. Drag, Woman's)
The Polyjuice Potion, which is a complex and time-consuming concoction, is best left to highly skilled witches and wizards. It enables the consumer to assume the physical appearance of another person, as long as they have first procured part of that individual’s body to add to the brew. Show us tonight in which other (famous) person you were transformed! Please bring a picture!

REALNESS WITH A TWIST - The old notebook of Tom Riddle (1 trophy)
You just found the magic book in the toilette in Hogwarts but then you were realising that it's the evil itself and you have to destroy it. For the Realness part show us the book and for the twist show the judges how you will destroy it!

BQ/NON-BINARY VOGUE FEM - Harry Potter (2 trophies)
Bring it like himself - the legendary Harry Potter! You know your skills and can defeat every enemy! Get inspired by him, in a cunty version. Don't forget the lightning on your forehead!

HANDS PERFORMANCE OTA - Magic trick (1 trophy)
Tonight your hands are magic! Show them who is the best magician and come with a little magic trick for your tens!

You also wanna show your commentator skillz? Show us your magic voice and burn the room!

POSING OTA - Horcruxes (1 trophy)
You were traveling all over the world to find the Horcruxes. Bring one of them and pose with it for your tens!

Which german city has the best voguer? We will find out!
Team Berlin - Slytherin (Captain: Arigato Saint Laurent)
Team NRW - Hufflepuff (Captain: Bree Prodigy)
Team Hamburg/Hannover - Gryffindor (Captain: Domi Revlon)
Team South Germany - Ravenclaw (Captain: J.J. Laconya)
3-5 People each group. You can prepare a production but you don't have to. Max. 2 people from the same house. Max. 3.30min for a production. Send productions to (DEADLINE 22.8.!!!).
If you have any questions just pn me!

Graphics by Czesh.Rawks

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