The European Latexxx Ball : The Originals by Legendary Kiddy Smile

The European Latexxx Ball : The Originals by Legendary Kiddy Smile
dimanche 1 octobre 14:00
→ 23:00
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Paris, France
Paris - Paris
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The first European Latexxx Ball ( The ELB) is finally happening in Paris and for its first edition named THE ORIGINALS , the ball and categories center on the investments of some people that made a category alive , forced the community to open a category or represented the European ballroom scene abroad impossible to name everybody in all of the categories but the sense that Europeans brought their own flavors to ballroom is undoubtedly what make the beauty of this scene

The European Latexxx Ball is inspired by GMHC's Latex Ball which is the largest annual event of the international House & Ball community.

All the people named in their categories get to walk without having to get their 10s and will be able to pick who the wanna battle until the get eliminated or win

This ball has a 2 chops rule : which means 2 different judges in the panel need to chop you for you to be eliminated ( chopped ) except if you are chopped by a Legend for their category

Europe as a ballroom scene has nothing to prove no more and it is time for us to stand on our grounds and give ourselves a good pat on the shoulder Let's have Ball , Let's have fun and note that the ELB is once every two years

Ticket Sale : 30€ ( informations about buying ticket will follow this week )
Tables booking once the tickets are on sale



à The Photoshoot » -

Kash Doll Ninja Miyake Mugler , Lara Ninja Carat , Sanaya Escada Mizrahi Gorgeous Gucci, Diamond Icon Ebony Gaultier Brown and Shylee La Durée , Safah Ebony Carat and some more where the ones who kept the category alive and well ! Recreate your favorite beauty Commercial of your choice and make sure you bring your inspiration with you . Bedazzled, couture and expensive How will you grace this rendition ?

BQ Dark & Lovely Face
Women Dark & Lovely Face €
FQ Dark & Lovely Face €
FQ Face €
Drag face
Big Face

à Paris Fashion Week » -
The European Latexxx Ball is happening during the parisian Fashion Week
Legendary Matyouz La Durée who created the Category Fashion Killah for the kiki scene , Legendary Keehdi Mizrahi Gorgeous Gucci who was the first European to snatch 1000$ twice in America for Labels and European Father Kendrick Miyake Mugler who is consistently representing Europe in American balls these three are the Fashion staples of the European Ballroom scene
Come Out looking Fabulous and expensive ready to sit first row at your favorite designer's Show in a Look inspired by one of these 3 fashion lovers

Labels MF / FF
Fashion Killah €
MF Best Dressed €
FF Best Dressed

OTA Bizarre
à The Cliché »

We are not giving up on this category , often squeezed and usually absent of European balls . Bizarre is the epitome of creativity and the absurd : Be ready to interpret European Clichés , Think Big , Think Bold Think Bizarre


Tag Team Hands Performance / Arm Control
à The Bracelets »

Did y'all know that Marie Ninja 007 was the one who introduce Legendary Matyouz Ladurée to Ballroom by teaching him about Hand perf and Arms Control ! Like this incredible duo bring it as a team of two with a Cape and Bracelet to give the best performance only using your hands and Arms


à The Olympics »

In 2024 , Paris will be hosting The Olympics and for this occasion you will be representing a sport in creative and cohesive looks and make sure to upstage and show up your competition just like Legendary Kennedy Quaterback Revlon Miyake Mugler Garcon & German Mother Ambrosia Mizrahi Gorgeous Gucci when they are storming the category

Team body (3-5 people maximum )
( 1 dark skin , 1 lucious / big and beautiful, 1 muscle )

Sex Siren
à The Gender Benders »

Invented by Jack Givenchy Mizrahi Gorgeous Gucci to include Sex workers proudly into ballroom , Sex Siren is one of the most controversial category in the scene and the controversy had a name here in Europe : Legendary Mother Rheeda La Durée & Founding Mother Amber Vineyard . These two always play with gender performance and know that sex appeal doesn't necessarily means nudity
Come get your 10's with your clothes on then come back to battle in an effect that's switches up the expectations about gender roles

OTA Tag Team Sex Siren MF/FF
(10's with clothes on) €

Commentator vs Commentator
à The Voice »

Come get your tens with an original chant praising either Legendary International Mother Matyouz La Durée from Paris ,Legendary Father Vinii Revlon or Typhoon 007 from Netherlands

OTA Commentator vs Commentator €

à The Workers »

à The European Standards Vs The American Standards »

A Ball can not be called a ball if Realness isn't one the category but the American standards were very different from the European ones which took a bit of time for everybody to adjust to the new norm where both standards could merge , coexist and thrive One of the few That was always an obvious 10's was Legendary Dwayne Laganjah La Durée Icon Khan West Balmain !
Today you will bring it as a worker for all realness categories , it doesn't matter what field , which sector just bring it in a coherent look and accesories !

Executive with a fashion twist €
Banjee FQ €
Schoolboy €
FF Realness as a house ( 1 drag mandatory)€

à The Super Heroes »

Fem Queen Performance €

Can you tap into the feminine energy within yourself on order to deliver a dramatic performance like Alaia Ebony Balenciaga Miyake Mugler , serve the Savoury Antics like Giselle La Durée Revlon or the power of the puss like Naimah Vineyard Milan Elle ! Come to annihilate the competition as Supergirl

Ota Sexy performance €

Serve the queen of puss , the puss in a boot : Catwoman in a Soft and fishy black patent outfit
And from your hair to your heel must be presentable and ooze Sexyness ! ( please no kiki ball outfits) ! And make Naimah Vineyard Prodigy Elle , Carmen Prodigy Margiela and Legendary Axoo Prodigy Miyake Mugler Gorgeous Gucci proud

Legendary perf + virgin perf €

Mentoring is key in ballroom and now that Europe has birthed Legends ( Vinii Revlon Lanvin Revlon , Inxi Prodigy 007 & Lasseindra Ninja to name a few) let's see what a certified legend and a new comer can do ! Bring it like Batman and Robin

Pop Spin & Dip Trio €

Legendary Yanou Ninja , Legendary Marina Ultra Omni 007 , Caroline Ultra Omni 007, Diva Magnifique Miyake Mugler and the Up and Coming Icon Nikki Mizrahi Gorgeous Gucci are all know to be Voguing demons and tireless club dancers ! Bring it in the colors of your favorite power rangers and be ready to grace the floor with PRECISION & STYLE ! All team members get their 10s at the same time & the Dj will play everything but vogue beats

Drags Performance

Legendary Keiona Lanvin Revlon , legendary Honeysha Khan West Miyake Mugler , Paris Mother Kiara Balenciaga have all demonstrated outstanding performances in the butch queen up in drag performance ! Your mission is to bring it like other iconic trio the Power Puffs to capture the crowd's attention

Realness with a Twist

Originally opened in Paris for Legendary Kennedy Quaterback Revlon Miyake Mugler Garcon , Typhoon Prodigy 007, Sharoon Garcon 007, Karteer Miyake Mugler ,Father Elly Vineyard and Kobe Revlon use to battle down and still are !
Give your interpretation of Superboy in your effect knowing that we will flip a coin to determine if the battles will be about realness or performance

Big Girls / Boys performance

It's time to watch out for the big boys and big girls out there all over europe , we see you and we appreciate you and just like Luna Ninja or Saif Revlon 007 come show out your best wonder woman and prove us what we already know : Big Girls/ Boys are briging the kuntz to the yard

New Way Musical Chairs

In honor of the Marie Ninja 007 , the Only European to have won this category at the Latex in America 3 times in a row : Give your own interpretation of a Pirate sailing the runway with musicality then battle in a game of musical chairs ! Who will be the last one standing ?

Butch Queen Vogue Femme on house music

Kitana Mizrahi Ebony Dumure Versailles , Mkate Ebony 007 ,Kenji Mizrahi 007 , Jay Jay Revlon the Girls were giving Stamina and Stunts that's what we wanna see ! Bring it as a male version of a female super hero of your choice ( no socks even for battles ) we will retire the Ha for this category

Tag team FF performance

Bring it as Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn , one soft like legendary Axoo and the other one more dramatic like legendary Inxi or legendary Angelique Prodigy


à The Villains »

Runway is a Villain Category , we are here for the Sass , The mean Strut and The shade and many runway diva all over europe shape the category but as well helped the rest of the world to notice the European talents :

European Mother Rim Milan Tisci
European Father Willow Mizrahi Garcon
Legendary International Mother Keehdi Gorgeous Gucci
Greek Mother Lea Ninja
Legendary European Mother Leo Saint Laurent
Legendary Italian Mother La B Fujiko Ninja
Legendary European Mother Diva Balenciaga

Tonight You're the most talked about and most despicable Villain of your choice known for the nastiest and shadiest attitude. Shadefest meets villains from movies , fairy tales , or cartoon in a CHIC avant-garde look. It takes nerve to walk... so no weak links

FQ Runway vs Drags vs Women Runway €
FF/MF All American Runway €
Beginners Runway AA vs European €
BQ Tall vs BQ small Vs BQ Big boys Runway €

Ballroom Vocabulary

Roll Call: The opening part of the evening where some famous peeps in the room are introduced by the MC
Beginner: Everyone who hasn't walked a specific category more than a year
FF - Female Figure: Fem Queens, Drag Queens, Women
MF - Male Figure: Butch Queens, Trans Men, Butches (and sometimes straight men)
FQ - Fem Queen: Ballroom lingo for trans woman
Drag Queen: "cisgender" man or "amab" that presents the societal idea of a "woman"
Drag King: "cisgender" woman or "afab" that presents the societal idea of a "man"
Women: cisgender women - sexual orientation doesn't matter
BQ - Butch Queen: cisgender man that identifies as homosexual
Lion Babe: non-binary and FF (stud/butch) portraying a masculine and/or feminine sex appeal
Cat Boy: a less aggressive and less straight forward version of MF Sex Siren. Neither masculine nor feminine sex appeal
OTA: Open To All - no division into gender categories, includes non-binary and straight people (certain categories like Realness still limit the OTA)

White participants should always refrain from braids, afro wigs etc. (This might lead to a automatic chop from the promoter!)

Disclaimer :

TODAY) FROM BRAIDS, AFRO WIGS etc. (this might
lead to a chop, we are faithful that you will manage
to interpret the assignment without appropriating)


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