The Olympics Workshops

dimanche 7 juillet 11:00
→ 16:00
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Father Charly Ebony is inviting you to Paris, France for The Olympics Workshops on July, 7th 2019.

The Olympics Ball:

The day right after The Olympics Ball, come and learn from the teachers below:

11h - 12h: New Way with Father Benjamin Milan

12h - 13h: European Runway with Legendary Twiggy Garçon

13h - 14h: Vogue Fem All Levels with Father Elly Vineyard

14h - 15h: Vogue Fem All Levels with Mother Honeysha West

15h - 16h: Vogue Fem All Levels with Father Arturo Miyake-Mugler

1 class: 15€
2 classes: 20€
3 classes: 30€
4 classes: 40€
5 classes: 50€

To reserve your spot:
Send an e-mail with your ballroom name and the class(es) u wanna sign up for with the name of the teacher(s) at:

Registration MANDATORY for all the workshops 🔥🔥🔥