Welcome to The Everlasting Legacy BALL

Welcome to The Everlasting Legacy BALL
samedi 1 avril 13:00
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This ball is in celebration of the amazing legends and icons who have inspired myself and others across the world to do what we do today.

As a community, we tend to only celebrate people after their passing, so they never really got to see how much they meant to us.

This ball is about them. The ones we lost and the ones we are so lucky to have with us now. This ball is about giving our icons and legends their flowers and letting them know how huge their impact is on the Ballroom scene, ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Come and witness a beautiful night of unspeakable joy and celebration!

Early bird ticket: 20€ (sold out)
Online ticket: 25€ (sold out)
Last minute ticket / At the door: 30€
Platinum Table: 300€ (sold out)
VIP Table: 500€ (sold out)

Get your online ticket: https://yurplan.com/event/The-Everlasting-Legacy-Ball/97215?fbclid=IwAR3fb46Kr0zR2pX9S3nbUY-IxofM89Lhd5COKWbUWtWYM-Lrqa06EIf3NGg

Aftermath Ball: https://fb.me/e/LHt3udMF

Welcome to The Everlasting Legacy Ball by Legendary Founder Charly Gaultier-Brown.

FF Face: House Mothers
4 trophies (FQ, Drag, Cis, Overall)

For the last 20 years, these beautiful queens gave us some of the most iconic battles in Ballroom history. Inspired by the battles below, pick the Queen you want to represent and bring it with the look and attitude that follows. Do your research!

Mother Stasha CDG vs Mother DeeDee Lanvin (Chanel Ball 2008)

Mother Lola Gorgeous Gucci vs Mother Shanice Moncler (Blahnik Ball 2010)

Mother Tempress Margiela vs Mother DeeDee Lanvin (Heritage Ball 2017)

Mother Shanice Moncler vs Mother Trace Gorgeous Gucci (Mugler Ball 2014)

Mother Mishalae Basquiat vs Mother Lola Gorgeous Gucci (Coldest Winter Ever 2)

Mother Amiyah Margiela vs Mother Tempress Margiela (Evisu Ball 2008)

Mother Shannon Balenciaga vs Mother Trace Gorgeous Gucci (Evisu Ball 2010)

MF Face: Iconic Faces
When it comes to the BQ Face category, these names ring bells. Bring it inspired by one of them and incorporate your own personal touch. Do your research, be creative and come ready to SELL IT!

Icon Luna Khan: In a white floral print suit with a mandatory crown
Icon Donald Revlon: In a tailored suit with framed pictures of yourself
Icon Whitney CDG: In a black suit with sickening shades
Icon Jacen Moncler: In all black with extravagant wings

FF Sex Siren: Queens of Sex
(4 trophies: FQ, Drag, Cis, Overall)

Sinia Alaia, Asia West, Katrina, Veronica Mugler, Davina West, Tamiyah Gorgeous Gucci..
These FQ performers from New York have shown countless times that not only do they have voguing skills, but they also have the sex appeal to match. Performance, sexy performance, sex siren! You name it, and they serve it! With the ability to be sexy in their glamorous or banji days, you may have to step out of your comfort zone for this category and listen to The Queen Mother of Sex, Sinia Alaia, when she said

If in fact you mean to be a hood bitch, be a hood bitch!

In a ponytail and bang, bring it with a banji look and show everybody who is the sexiest.

MF Sex Siren: The Kings'' Gorgeous Gucci
Overall Fathers Ira & Jarrell Gorgeous Gucci are some of the sexiest figures in the Ballroom Scene. Tonight, honour their names and bring it inspired by one of the many moments they have offered to the scene with the picture to back it up. Do not let them down, they will be watching!

OTA Sex Appeal: All about it
For this category, we want to see who has the highest sex appeal. Bring it inspired by one or the two previous categories.

DJ Pump That Beat: Pay Homage
This category is a tribute to Vjuan Allure St-Laurent, the originator of the Ballroom Beats. Vjuan was someone very special and supportive that left a huge impact in the Ballroom Scene for all of us to remember. He also inspired the younger generation of DJ to do what they do today. In remembrance of the Iconic Vjuan Allure St-Laurent, we ask you DJs to produce a track of 1:30 max and the judges will decide which track makes the crowd go off like any classic Vjuan Allure Production.

Drag Performance: Beat Catchers
Malaysia Ebony, Chloe West and Starr Revlon are three of the Best drag performers to ever grace the floor, known for their UNIQUE style, musicality and personality. For this category, the look is on you, girls. However, we want you to introduce yourself and bust one of their signature moves while getting your 10s!

FQ Performance: Sleeping Beauties
On this day of celebration, let's pay homage to 3 phenomenal women of the Ballroom Scene - gone but never forgotten.

Bring it with the spirit of Alloura, Daesja or Yolanda. Inspiration can come from a look, a performance or a style you just have to make sure you make us feel the SPIRIT. The ESSENCE.

Women Performance: The Internationals
One thing is for sure, the international girls changed the game when it came to Women Performance. Bring it inspired by Legendary Mother Inxi Prodigy in a Sailor Moon effect or the 1st International Legend herself, Overall Mother Koppi Mizrahi in a white dress.

Legendary Performance with an understudy: Team Work
You already have left your mark in the Ballroom community and you are stamped as a performance legend. Let's create another moment of yours shared with your favourite star or statement. Bring it in a matching outfit, and oh, keep in mind that...We expect the unexpected!

BQ Vogue Fem: Voguing Daddies
Along the way, a few vogue fems not only left their talent on the floor but also created some amazing houses and built incredible chapters. Celebrate the Father of your choice:

Father James West: In All White as a Kitty cat
Father Marquis Revlon: In a sickening golden catsuit
Father Omari Oricci: Inspired by his MJ - Thriller effect
Father Renaldo Alpha Omega: In all black with shades on
Father Arturo Mugler: In a white catsuit and red short-cut wig
Father Dashaun Basquiat: As Pinocchio

RWT: Mommy can't tell, Daddy can't tell
2 trophies (Part I, Part II)

Part I: The Iconic Overall Father Champ DuMure Versailles is known to be one of the REALEST to ever do it! Being deemed the first Icon for Realness with a Twist, Mommy can't tell, daddy can't tell. We want to see your realness tonight for part one, bringing it in an all-black bank robber look.

Part II: You can bring it either inspired by Legendary CamCam Prodigy in a blue coverall, Legendary ManMan Prodigy in cunty gaiters or Legendary Boogie Revlon Makavelli (SIP) in a pair of baggy jeans with sunglasses.

Baby Vogue: Ici c'est Paris!
Tonight we honor our people; we give recognition to all in showing the appreciation of ballroom success and greatness. Bring it like your Favourite Legend from Paris with the name somewhere on your effect Make sure you make them smile, they will be watching.

Old Way: Remember The Time
(Pick a look from the two below)
Introduced to the Ballroom scene 35 years ago, The Icon JAMAL MILAN specializes in the categories Face with Performance and Pop Dip and Spin/Performance, known today as 'Oldway'. Celebrate "The Oldway Master Technician" and come inspired by his Men In Black look from Infiniti Ball in 2001.

Along the way, I have witnessed a lot of great battles when it comes to The Old Way. However, none of them were as hot as the one that did happen 10 years ago at Capital Awards Ball when two individuals both went in for blood and carried. In celebration of the amazing Legendary Brian Balenciaga & Legendary Nyno Du'Mure Versailles (SIP), bring it in a military print outfit ready to battle DOWN!

New Way: The Masters
Father Javier Ninja & Father Stanley Elle are two different styles and two different moods of this category yet two undeniable MASTERS of New Way that have inspired and taught a new generation.

Javier is very gothic, so if you want to honour his name, you will have to bring it in a gothic look wearing black leather and be very ninja about it!

Stanley, on the other hand, is more sportswear-ish and actually hated to wear catsuit until he understood his lines and flexibility were going to be highlighted with it. Honor Father Stanley Elle's name by wearing a blue catsuit inspired by his look at The House of Chanel Ball in 1993.

For this category, please make it look like what it is supposed to look like. Nowadays, people will only relate it to stretch, but it is very few people who actually look like they are doing New Way. Think posing with attitude and form, clean lines, complete and elevated poses, and attention to detail when it comes to hitting the crash while embellishing the chant and absorbing the feel of the music ending with a strong pose. It is not looking pressed about being in the front, hurting someone or blocking... you have been warned!

Production as a house
Over the years, different houses gifted Ballroom with entertaining and creative productions.

As a house, it is your chance to create your moment and leave your mark as one of the best productions as a house in the everlasting legacy of Ballroom!!!!!

Bring it with your own concept. 3 minutes max.

Best House Chant
As a house, get your 10s with a chant then bust a new one for each and every battles of the category.

Drag Realness: Short Hair Don't Care
When it comes to this category, there are 3 ladies I will always admire. Not only for how they dominated this category but also for all the hard work they put in for the Ballroom Scene. I want you girls to bring it with a short cut in the name of Afrika West, Tyanna Ebony and Haven CDG.

FQ Realness: Real as Rain
2 trophies: (Junior, Senior)

If there is someone that can stand-alone and CLEAR everybody on ANY Realness line, it's definitely one of these three. Bring it inspired by Toya Ebony (in candy-coloured hair), Keona Lanvin (in a yellow dress and an African hair wrap) or DaiJah West (as a deputy sheriff officer).

Schoolboy Realness: My Inspirations
If it was not for them, I would have probably never found my category in the Ballroom Scene nor become a legend for that category. Schoolboys, it's time to leave your mark in the books and follow in the footsteps of

Founder Pampers Tisci when he won the 5k for Schoolboy Realness as Valedictorian.

Mike Icon Miyake-Mugler when he stole the show at Balenciaga Ball 2013 as an astronaut.

Founder Vinny (Tap) Margiela with a nerdy look.

Trio Prettyboy Realness: A - G - A
The House of Balenciaga is known for having a hot lineup of pretty men and was able to show it at the Capital Awards Ball in 2015!! 8 years later, it is on you now to create a team of 3 pretty boys from the sports team of your choice and make us know it.

Executive Realness: The Brain Master
Icon Father Harold Balenciaga is a legend for Executive Realness and one of the most recognized leaders in Ballroom, worldwide. Bring it to the runway as the leader of any country in the world (must be a real country), representing that country with all the props to prove you are the man or woman in charge!

MF Realness: Founding Pops
(2 trophies: Transman, BQ Thug)

Bring it inspired by Iconic Founding Father James Icon, Iconic Founding Father Tony Revlon or Iconic Founding Father Rodney Balmain. Do your research!

Best Dressed: The Fashion of Ballroom
FF: This category is dedicated to Legendary Miss Lawrence Balenciaga & Icon J'lin Lanvin, the definition of two beautiful fashionistas with pure soul and elegance. I still remember when Lawrence came to Paris and showed support for my very first Paris Awards Ball, back in 2015 and how J'lin always supported me from my very first step in America. In their celebration, bring it done from head to toe with an extravagant and fashionable eyewear.

MF: One of the key architects of the Florida Ballroom scene, the Best Dressed Icon Hall of Famer has done so much for the community; it is now time for him to get his flowers from the next generation of fashion walkers. Celebrate Danny Ebony Gorgeous Gucci with a polished look with sickening shades and a hat.

Philadelphia's finest, Overall Father and Icon Hall of Famer Meechie Lanvin is one of the most dominant fashion assassins Ballroom has ever known. Celebrate his mastery of fashion and come out done from head to toe with an extravagant and creative eyewear.

FF Runway: The Latex Ball
The Latex Ball is one of the most popular Balls in the world. Over the years, the runway divas were able to leave their mark on the stage; it's your turn to live yours by choosing one of the following options:

In honour of the youngest Icon of the Ballroom Scene, Diva Davanna Miyake-Mugler, we want you to recreate her 2015 Latex Ball looks in a fashionable, colourful and tailored plaid suit.

Founder Mother Aaliyah Du'Mure Versailles, the Double Legend, had the time to walk with that look 10 years ago and recreate it at the last edition of the Latex. Honour Mother's name in a leather body with red long gloves and a pair of heels.

All American Runway: Look must be ON
(pick a look from the 3 below)
Icon Derrick Lanvin, two times hall of famer has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he is one of the fathers of modern-day All American Runway. Through the years, he has raised the stakes and helped create a big enthusiasm for this category. One of Derrick's effortless fusion was to mix women haute couture while implementing a masculine sensibility and sex appeal. Tonight, we want your look to scream otherworldly fashion, provocateur and masculinity.

The first-ever Icon for All American Runway is Icon Kai Milan. This category became one of the hottest because of him. Kai brought the house down at the 2004 NY Awards ball as a High Fashion Private Agent. Bring to the judges a High Fashion James Bond look. The effect should be perfectly tailored. You are a private agent, so do not forget your props.

How to write this category without mentioning the one and only Marquise Foster JoJoe St Laurent? He recently walked in one of my favourite effects so I want you people to celebrate his fashion sense and bring it in an S&M effect inspired by his look at The Truth Ball last year.

BQ European Runway: Kingdom of Runway Excellence
(3 trophies: Flat, Heels, Overall)

Royalty has its rewards and when I think of modern day runway rulers and leaders i can't see past these individuals. Tonight you got the chance to pay homage and celebrate one of these amazing runway divas with a picture of the specific look that did inspire you. Feel free to recreate the look with your own twist! Leave your mark on the runway and bring it either:

Inspired by the closet of Iconic Dominique Mugler
Inspired by the closet of Iconic Keith Balenciaga
Inspired by the closet of Legendary Meme West
Inspired by the closet of Legendary Twiggy CDG
Inspired by the closet of Legendary Mother Gillette Oricci

Commentator vs Commentator: The Iconic Duo
Recreate a classic chant made by Jack or Selvin with your own twist to get your 10s.

Lip sync: Overall Mother Tisci
Jazell looks like a goddess and always delivers stunning performances!!! She symbolises elegance and her stage presence is EXTRAORDINARY.

Hypnotize us with your beauty and performance during your 10s while you will be interpreting one of these 3 songs:

CeCe Peniston - He Loves Me 2 (from 1:18)
Whitney Houston - The Lonely Talking Again (from 1:40)
Rachelle Ferrell - I can explain (from 1:37)

For the battles, we will pay homage to 4 of the greatest black singers of all time:
Aretha Franklin - Think
Aretha Franklin Respect
Michael Jackson The Way You Make Me Feel
Prince Kiss
Donna Summer On The Radio
Dona Summer - Last Dance
Donna Summer Hot Stuff

Ballroom Superior House

Rule: Each trophy worth 1 point.

The house with the most points at the end of the ball will be crowned à Ballroom Superior House »

MC of the night: Snookie West
DJ of the night: Missy West

For ANY information or question, please feel free to inbox me here or via Instagram spicymouthh